City Beautification in Rishon LeZion


The  City Beautification Administration (CBA), responsible for the proper working order and condition of the physical infrastructure – public works and spaces – in Rishon LeZion, is obliged to handle every call reported to the city hotline regarding repairs, nuisances or hazards. It performs regular maintenance and corrects faults, through its own units and in conjunction with the various municipal departments, in keeping with the city policy of providing excellent service to citizens.

The CBA invests many resources to achieve the following goals:

  • Ongoing maintenance of Rishon’s public and educational buildings and institutions, their yards and infrastructures, including proper upkeep and replacement when necessary of electrical systems, air conditioners and low voltage systems (smoke detectors, alarms, PA systems, etc.), based on the city’s multi-year plan.
  • Expanding and properly maintaining the city’s street light and traffic light systems, based on the multi-year plan.
  • Expanding and performing ongoing preventative maintenance work on roads, sidewalks, fences and street furnishings (bus stops, traffic signs, street signs, etc.), and restoring or replacing them when necessary, based on the multi-year plan.
  • Regularly repainting roads, sidewalks, and any traffic signs painted on them.
  • Ongoing maintenance of statues and monuments throughout the city.
  • Coordinating with and supervising outside bodies (Meniv Rishon – the municipal water, drainage and sewage company, Bezeq, the Electric Corporation, the cable companies, etc.) regarding their operations within city limits and the CBA’s activity in the vicinity of these bodies’ infrastructures, including making sure that the original state is restored after every work project, to ensure that all operations continue properly.
  • Financial analysis of CBA activity while constantly seeking alternatives and new technologies to streamline processes and reduce costs, and simultaneously improve civil services.
  • Running repair workshops and warehouses, including equipment, tools, vehicles and all other means necessary for carrying out CBA work.
  • Setting up stages and other accessories for municipal and other events, as well as providing various transport services (furniture, office equipment, food, donations, etc.).