College of Management (COMAS) in Rishon LeZion

The College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) is one of the most prestigious and top-ranked higher education institutions in Israel. We offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration, law, media, economics, organizational development and consulting, computer science, behavioral sciences, family studies, and interior design. 

COMAS is the largest college in Israel and offers an extensive and active network of current students and alumni, many of whom are leaders in major companies and organizations in Israel and beyond. Our schools and departments attract more students than any other in the country, and we have strong international ties to scholars and institutions around the world. The renowned faculty at COMAS specialize in applied research and targeted academic programs that enable our students to build successful careers.

Yet despite our magnitude, our faculty and administrative staff provide each and every student with personalized support that creates a close-knit atmosphere on campus. International students in particular receive one-on-one attention, and thrive in our safe and supportive environment. Whether they come for a semester of study abroad or a full degree, students from abroad enjoy a unique, immersive experience at COMAS, studying and living alongside with their Israeli peers throughout their stay.

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“Facing the Community”

As part of its underlying philosophy, COMAS strives to instill in its students values of social involvement, personal responsibility and contributing to the community. This is a long-term, systematic commitment based on cooperation between the college’s students, academic staff and administration, and the community of Rishon LeZion.

Under the auspices of the Facing the Community program, COMAS contributes in a great number of realms, such as volunteer work, investment, consulting and training, cultural-academic enrichment, aid to the needy, and more. As a large, well-known academic institution, the college’s contribution to the city has educational value for both the college and society, by creating a better society and imparting values of tolerance, acceptance of others, and giving.


Lecture Series

COMAS offers lectures on a wide variety of topics for the general public.