Economics and Business in Rishon LeZion


One of the mayor’s primary goals is to turn Rishon LeZion into Israel’s next powerhouse business center. Rishon’s location at a major crossroads and accessibility via public transportation, combined with the availability of city-owned vacant lots, all translate into tremendous potential for developing high quality, diverse employment areas. Rishon LeZion is doing its utmost to attract companies and organizations working in finance, high-tech, technology, medicine, academics, research and many other realms.

The municipality’s Business Development and Initiatives division was opened to pave the way for business growth in the city and enhance it with advanced technological companies, financial institutions and high-tech industries.

Besides Rishon’s three existing main business centers, the city is progressing with plans for five new centers.

This short video presents our exciting plans for the further development of Rishon LeZion as a major modern business district:  Rishon Le Zion- The New Business District of Israel


Comfortable in the Middle
Rishon LeZion is located right in the center of the country, with easy access to Tel Aviv's commercial and industrial areas and the country's international airport. The city straddles the coastal highway. Jerusalem is only 45 minutes away and it takes less than half an hour to reach the port of Ashdod.

Big Advantages for Small Businesses
Rishon's Institute for Business Initiatives encourages the establishment of small businesses in the city. The Institute provides them with the opportunity to consult with professional economists and accountants and organizes classes and a wide variety of business - related seminars.

Already Here
Major logistical centers have been established in Rishon for Supersol, Blue Square and Ace, the country's largest supermarket and hardware store chains. Major corporations have made Rishon their home. These include “Isralift” elevators, UMI Motors “Yediot Aharonot”, Globes, Israel's financial daily.

Agricultural Reserch - Vulcani Center
The world - famous Vulcani Center of Agricultural Research in northern Rishon is the largest research institute of its kind in Israel. Its staff teaches in a variety of academic institutions and provides advanced courses for students from Israel and abroad. Many of the findings of this institution have been implemented worldwide.