English Speaking Groups/Volunteers in Rishon leZion



ESRA – English-Speaking Residents Association

Rishon Lezion Chairperson: Janet Kiesari

Cell: 054-7335055


ESRA is an independent non-profit organization run by volunteers, with branches throughout the country. It was formed in 1979, primarily to fulfill a social need and assist integration into Israeli society.

ESRA's aims are threefold:

  • Furthering the integration of English-speaking families and new immigrants by providing social, cultural, educational and civic activities.
  • Encouraging English speakers to volunteer in the community, thereby helping others and at the same time becoming a useful part of Israeli society.
  • Initiating and running projects in the community through the ESRA Community Fund (ECF) to aid immigrants from distressed countries and other disadvantaged sectors of Israeli society. ESRA works in conjunction with other immigrant organizations, as well as local authorities, municipalities, and the various government bodies responsible for immigrant absorption and social welfare.

In 1992 ESRA and its president and founder, Mrs. Merle Guttmann, received the President's Award for Volunteering, in acknowledgement of ESRA’s contribution to immigrant absorption. Click to see more of ESRA's numerous awards.


TELFED – South African Zionist Federation (Israel)

Rishon Lezion Chairperson: Beryl Schmidt

Cell: 052-7885077


Telfed is a non-profit association that has been welcoming and helping Southern African olim since 1948. It was founded to serve over 800 “Machal” Southern African soldiers who bravely fought in the IDF during the War of Independence. Since then, over 22,000 Southern African olim have enjoyed Telfed’s diverse initiatives, ensuring their integration into Israeli society.

Keren Telfed was established in 1982 to support the needy among our community. Isrentco, a Telfed subsidiary, rents out apartments to olim.

Some 2012 statistics:

  •  179 families received support on a monthly basis.
  •   200 new olim were welcomed at the airport.
  •   340 students were awarded study grants.
  •   94 families enjoyed affordable housing.
  •   Over 130 jobseekers sought Telfed’s advice.
  •   More than 250 volunteers throughout the country helped our efforts.
     R.E.S.A. was established in 1991 as a registered non-profit organisation, with no religious, political or commercial affiliations. Donations to charities are made annually. 

The association aims to give English speakers an opportunity to socialize in their native language and help each other integrate into Israeli society. Members participate in cultural, educational and social activities for their own benefit, and carry out welfare and other related activities for the benefit of the city. 

Chairman: Edmund Jonah
Tel: 03-9479589

R.E.S.A. was established in 1991 as a registered non-profit organisation, unaffiliated to religious, political or commercial matters. We donate to local charities.
The association aims to give English speakers an opportunity to participate in cultural, educational and social activities for their own benefit and enjoyment, and carry out welfare and other related activities for the benefit of the city and its people. Some members volunteer at the Rishon LeZion municipality.
R.E.S.A.’s activities include monthly social gatherings covering a wide variety of interests: social get-togethers, excursions to museums, stage shows and historical sites, lectures on fascinating topics, a games evening, a monthly movie evening, bowling evenings and beach parties in the summer.
Today R.E.S.A. members are not only from Rishon LeZion but also from  adjacent towns like Nes Ziona and Rehovot, and include also some non-native English speakers who speak English well.
Come and join us to help widen the personality and character of the R.E.S.A. group and also to help the less fortunate in the city, thus serving our country, the wonderful State of Israel that came into being during the lives of a generation that still lives and ensure, with our children and grandchildren, that it continues to do so for the generations to come