Immigrant Absorption in Rishon LeZion


Manager: Mrs. Tal Tshorni
2 Menachem Begin St. (cnr Jabotinsky)
Tel: 03-9696389, 9566792, 5234863, Fax: 03-9567253


Approximately 44,000 immigrants currently reside in Rishon LeZion, comprising one fifth of the city’s total population. The municipality pays special attention to immigrant absorption. During the massive wave of immigration from the former Soviet Union starting in 1989, the necessity arose for establishing a department to handle new immigrant affairs and respond to the various needs of the city’s immigrants. The Municipal Authority for Immigrant Absorption and Integration offers a range of services and activities to facilitate immigrants’ transition to Israeli life and integration in society. The authority also liaises with the various municipal departments on subjects of absorption and immigration.


  • Social and professional integration for immigrants
  • Helping strengthen a sense of social belonging among immigrants
  • Improving native Israelis’ perception of immigrant population groups
  • Preserving immigrants’ culture and heritage

The municipal authority offers various services to immigrants in response to their particular needs and to ease their process of absorption and integration into society:

  • Accompanying immigrants on their first steps in Israel and providing information about city services and institutions.
  • Continuing and reinforcement lessons on Hebrew study for children and adults, as well as preparation for children entering 1st grade.
  • Locating places of employment and directing immigrants to them, counseling on professional accreditation, assistance in writing resumes and preparing for job interviews, and workshops on job-seeking.
  •  Family-educational counseling and guidance, on an individual basis, in Russian for parents and children – NEW!
  •  Courses, seminars and lectures for adults on various topics, such as getting to know the Land of Israel, introduction to different realms of life in Israeli society, civil rights and obligations, motivation and self-empowerment, etc.
  •  Extracurricular classes for children; guidance and registration for subsidized summer camps.
  • Observing holidays, special events and cultural events for leisure time, such as concerts, tours in Israel, lectures, etc.
  • Social and cultural activities in ulpanim (Hebrew courses).
  • Locating apartments for rent, helping with rental contracts, providing contact and information on purchasing an apartment.

The authority also comprises an umbrella organization for municipal absorption institutions, like the Immigrants House (Beit Ha’Oleh), the Engineers House (Beit HaMehandes) and the Veterans’ Club.

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Finding employment and a workplace is a critical cornerstone of integrating into society. The process can be difficult and complex for any jobseeker, and that much more challenging for new immigrants arriving in a country that is foreign to them. We at the Municipal Authority for Immigrant Absorption and Integration place a wide range of services at the disposal of immigrants, to facilitate their integration into the Israeli job market:

  • Personal counseling and guidance (writing a resume, preparing for job interviews, etc.)
  • Contacting potential employers
  •  Employment workshops
  • A constantly updated databank of available positions

To contact the authority’s employment coordinator and schedule an appointment:
Zafi Gorbanov, Tel: 03-9487431, email:
Reception hours:
Sun.: 8:00-11:30 a.m.
Mon.-Thurs.: 12:00-16:00 p.m. 

Hebrew Language Studies

Ulpan Alef
Every new immigrant who comes to the city offices of Ministry of Immigrant Absorption is referred for Hebrew study at Ulpan Alef. The immigrants are sorted by language level and invited to join the ulpan when new morning or evening classes begin. Within the ulpan activity framework, the Municipal Authority, in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, puts on tours to get to know the Land of Israel, conducts job-seeking workshops, marks the holidays (such as a Passover Seder and tree planting on Tu B’Shvat), and participates in city ceremonies on Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day.

Follow-up Ulpan (Ulpan HaHemshech)
Students who have completed Ulpan Alef and are interesting in continuing to improve their knowledge of Hebrew attend the follow-up ulpan.

Hebrew Tutoring
As part of the Absorption Authority’s activity, subsidized courses are held to reinforce Hebrew language studies for children and adults, as well as to prepare children entering 1st grade.

Throughout each year, the Municipal Authority for Immigrant Absorption and Integration offers immigrants a wide range of courses, classes and workshops for the whole family.
Activities for adults include ongoing Hebrew studies, lectures on adapting to life in Israel, employment workshops, introductory computer courses, communication skills, and others.
Children can also enjoy classes in science, ecology and the environment, Hebrew studies, drawing, jewelry design, and more.  

Klita program for 2014  

Immigrants From Ethiopia

Due to the unique culture of this large group of immigrants, the Rishon LeZion municipality established a special unit composed of highly qualified Ethiopian social workers, whose job it is to foster successful integration into the community by working with municipal and other authorities, and directly with Ethiopian residents of the city, no matter how long they have been in Israel. The main challenges the Ethiopian community faces are language, employment and Israeli culture.

Rishon’s extensive assistance to this group of immigrants consists mainly of welfare services, including job training and placement, education at all ages, and imparting a sense of belonging to Israeli society as well as respecting and celebrating Ethiopian heritage. For more information, contact Janet Mekonen at 03-9610524 or email