Planning and Building in Rishon LeZion


The mayor of Rishon LeZion and the city administration have set as their primary goal turning the city into a leading business center within the Tel Aviv metropolis and the entire country, while maximizing Rishon’s clear advantages – its central location, transportation accessibility, high-quality population and environment.

Goals of the Engineering Administration

  • Consolidating planning tools to achieve the municipality’s goals.
  • Providing professional, efficient service to all parties within the administration’s jurisdiction.
  •  Courteous, effective and available service to the entire public in accordance with Israel’s Planning  and Building Law.
  •  Efficient supervision according to the Planning and Building Law.
  •  Involving the public in city planning processes.
  • Top quality planning and development with an emphasis on construction for public use.
  • Top quality planning and development with an emphasis on residential neighborhood complexes.
  • Establishing a local committee in accordance with the law and with full transparency.
  • Heightening public awareness of sustainable development.
  • Urban renewal.
  • Preserving sites and city heritage (to some of the sites press here).
  • Fostering and multiplying the leisure and recreation areas throughout the city.
  • Cooperating with government bodies and national institutions, and developing infrastructures.
  • Ensuring affordable housing.
  • Ensuring that city engineering planning information is readily available and reliable.
  • Running a modern, updated and innovative organization in a computerized work environment.