Rishon LeZion – Geography



Location: Rishon LeZion is situated next to the Mediterranean shore in Israel’s central coastal plain, on the southern tip of the Tel Aviv metropolis. 

Latitude: 31°57′51″ N
Longitude: 34°48′15″ E

Size: The greater Rishon LeZion area covers 117 sq km, of which 58.611 sq km are occupied by the city of Rishon LeZion.

City Limits
West – Mediterranean Sea
North – Holon, Bat Yam, Beit Dagan
East – Tzrifin, Be’er Ya’akov, Emek Lod
South – Ness Ziona, the Gan Sorek communities

Soil Types: The city consists of three longitudinal strips: Shifting sand dunes in the west, red sand in the center, and heavier terra rossa soils in the east.

Maximum Altitude: The western strip is 40 m, the central strip 60 m, and the eastern strip 83.7 m above sea level.

Distances: Tel Aviv – 13 km, Jerusalem – 63 km.

Land Use:
29 residential neighborhoods – 41% of the city’s area
Commerce, industry and entertainment – 7%
Research institutes – 7%, other – 45%

Population density: Approximately 4,000 souls per km.

Climate: Rishon LeZion enjoys a distinctively Mediterranean climate. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea gives the city a moderate winter and comfortable summer. 

Precipitation: About 600 mm, with 90 days of rain annually.