Rishon LeZion is increasingly becoming a large metropolis.
Among the city's modern residential towers, commercial centers and office buildings, Rishon's past is being carefully preserved. Older buildings are continuously renovated and often become colorful parts of new construction projects.

The “Zadal” Project
This is a new project in honer of Zalman Levontin, the man who purchased the land on which Rishon was established, combining Rishon's rich past with the winery. The Zadal project, incorporates a new municipallty building, a renovated and expanded historical museum, a new pedestrian mall, expanded and renovated public gardens (Moshava Park) and two new, prestigious buildings for commercial and residential use.

Beit Yad Labanim
Rishon LeZion commemorates residentes of the city - soldiers killed in battle - in various ways. This activity includes a small woods planted in the western part of the city by bereaved families and eight monuments throughout the city. Beit yad labanim is an organization that keeps in touch with bereaved families and organizes special activities for teenagers. The organization is located in a building that housed baron de Rothschild's administration at the end of the 19th century. An identical twin building nearby was completed in 1998. An open space between the two buildings is used for cultural and commemorative events.

The Museum Complex
Five buildings used in the city's early days can be found at the foot of the hill where Rishon's early settlers first pitched their tents way back in 1882. The story of jewish settlement in Israel is portrayed in new museum displays and artifacts from the period of Rishon's establishment. In 1999, the Leshem building, which includes an auditorium, was opened to visitors. Recently, the renovated Shalit House with its displays, stables and diligence was opened to visitors.

The Winery Complex
A special project planned for the area which originally housed Rishon's winery. This will include a visitor's center, restaurants, pubs, a shopping center, offices, residential buildings and parking areas.