Rishon LeZion Symphony Orchestra

From the Ossovizky Orchestra to the Rishon LeZion Symphony Orchestra

Ninety - three years later, in 1998, Rishon LeZion's Symphony Orchestra was re-founded and soon become one of the leading musical organizations in Israel. The orchestra serves as the home orchestra of the New Israeli Opera.
In the short time since the orchestra's establishment, it has performed operas, choral works, classical pieces, romantic works and modern music. In 1991, it was awarded the Acum Prize for excellence in the performance, dissemination and advancement of classical music by Israeli composers. Just one year later, the orchestra was appearing in prestigious international festivals and producing its own compact discs.
The Koch and Discovery recording companies contracted the orchestra for an unprecedented project encompassing 35 CDs, including all of Tchaikovsky's works. The orchestra performs classic series, concerts for families, children, young people and senior citizens, aiming to bring classic music to as broad audiences as possible.

Music for the Next Generation
The orchestra regularly holds series of subscription concerts for the city's youngsters. Children and their parents listen to music such as Mozart's Toy Symphony, Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf and other works for newcomers to classical music.
The orchestra also gives concerts in Rishon's educational institutions and send groups of musicians to perform in schools and even in day care centers. The orchestra's special educational committee selects repertoires appropriate to the various age groups.

Music for Senior Citizens
Rishon's orchestra performs 25 times a year for the city's senior citizens. Morning concerts are held at clubs, community centers and old-age homes, in cooperation with the city's welfare services. Seniors who attend are welcomed with coffee and light refreshments.

What the numbers say
The Rishon LeZion Symphony Orchestra Israel's second largest orchestra, is made up of some 85 musicians under the direction of conductor Mendi Rodan.