Tourism in Rishon LeZion


Rishon LeZion revels in its rich heritage, attractive surroundings and cutting-edge modernity. The city offers Israeli and foreign visitors a wide variety of historical, natural and entertainment sites:

  • Museum
  • Preserved and reconstructed historical sites
  • Archeological sites
  • Commemorative sites
  • Beaches
  • Parks and nature sites
  • Entertainment and recreational spots, such as the Hai Kef zoo, the Superland amusement park, Cinema City and Yes Planet
  • Walking trails

Tours :
“Rishonim” Route
1.  Rishon LeZion Museum
2.  The Great Synagogue
3.  Founders’ Square (Kikar HaMeyasdim)
4.  Farmers’ House (Beit Ha’Ikarim)
5.  Jacob Kanner Municipal Art Gallery (Beit Kanner)
6.  Baron’s Offices
7.  Baron Edmond de Rothschild’s Stables
8.  Yosef Feinberg Colony Well (Be’er HaMoshava)
9.  Water tower
10. Beit Ha’am (“House of the People” – public building)
11. City Garden (Gan Ha’Ir)
12. Carmel Mizrachi Wineries
13. Beit Yad LeBanim (memorial center)
14. College of Hibat Zion – Zionist institution
15. Haviv – the first Hebrew  school 

“By the Sea” Route

1. Spring Garden (Gan HaMaayan) – Ayun Kara

2. Byzantine wine press

3. Civic Center

4. Hai Kef zoo

5. Memorial Garden (Gan HaZikaron)

6. Yitzhak Rabin Monument

7. Tamarisk Park (Gan Neot Ashalim)

8. College of Management – Academic Studies (COMAS)

9.  Assyrian fortress

10.Park Lake and Sand Dune Lakes

11.Soccer stadium

12. Beach 

 “Green” Route
1.Ghetto Fighters Garden (Gan Mordei HaGetaot) – eastern neighborhoods
2.Commemorative Garden (Gan Hanchatza)) and Jerusalem Grove (Hurshat Yerushalayim)
3.Colony Garden (Gan HaMoshava)
4.Cannon Garden (Gan HaTotach)
5.SportKef and zoo
6.Memorial Garden (Gan HaZikaron)
7.Tamarisk Park (Gan Neot Ashalim)
8.College of Management – Academic Studies (COMAS)
9.Park Lake and Sand Dune Lakes


  • Colony Garden (Gan HaMoshava)
  • Leaders Garden (Gan HaManhigim)
  • Memorial Garden (Gan HaZikaron)
  • Park Shikma
  • Palm Oasis Park (Park Neve Dekalim)
  • Sand Dune Park (Park HaHolot)
  • Lake Park (Park HaAgam)
  • Park Neot Shikma
  • Hebrew Park (Gan Ivrit)
  • Music Park (Gan Hamusika)