Rishon Lezion Sister Cities

Rishon LeZion - One of a Large Family of “Sister” Cities

Rishon LeZion has twinning agreements with ten other cities in Europe, the United States and Asia. Relationships with these cities cover many areas of activity, including industry, commerce, high-tech, business initiatives, athletics, the arts, entertainment and education.

Munster - City of Good-Will
The agreement between Rishon and the German city of Munster, signed over 25 years ago, serves as an excellent example of how successful the twinning of two cities can be. Members of Rishon's religious “LeZion” choir are in regular contact with the Munster city choir, and a doctor from Rishon's “Assaf Harofe” hospital furthered his studies at Munster's university. The citizens of Munster financed the planting of a grove of trees in Rishon, while Rishon's citizens named a city boulevard after their German “twin”.

Teramo - Friend from Italy
This picturesqe little town of 52,000 souls is located in hilly surroundings right on the Adriatic sea, only one and a half hours drive from Rome.

Debrecen - City of Universities
Hungary's second largest city is home to nine universities. Among these is Debrecen's famous school of medicine, where many Israelis study every year. The relationship between Rishon and Debrecen was initiated by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Debrecen recently celebrated its 1,000th anniversary and representatives of Rishon were invited to join the festivies.

Nimes - City of Wine
The french city of Nimes is a center for tourism, and like Rishon LeZion, has a winemaking industry. Nimes also has a well-developed high-tech sector and food industry and is famous for its textiles. The mayors of Nimes and Rishon LeZion have visited each other's cities. In the course of his stay in Nimes, Rishon's mayor was honored in a lavish ceremony and was made a member of the city's Order of the Knights of Wine. The jewish community of Nimes donated an exercise room to the disabled in Rishon.

Prince George's Country - 49 Towns at Once
The signing of an agreement with an entire county is unprecedented. Just imagine, in the summer of 1990 Rishon was twinned with all 49 cities in Maryland's Prince George's County. Maryland's representatives have visited Rishon, studied the city's municipal operations and adopted a number of ideas for their own communities. Likewise, officials from Rishon LeZion have traveled to Prince George's County to study construction and road-paving management. While there are regular exchanges of information between Rishon and George's County about municipal matters, a cooperation agreement on tourism, commerce and industry is in force.

Lublin - City of Memories
A three-way twinning agreement exists between Rishon LeZion, Munster and the Polish city of Lublin. Lublin was an important center of the European Jewish community until it was declimated during the Holocaust. Today, Lublin is home to a Lublin - Rishon friendship center. Since Lublin values its Jewish past, the city has worked hard to preserve the city's historic Jewish sites and has even published an English Guide on Jewish culture in Lublin. In the spring of 1996, Lublin's Philharmonic Orchestra performed a special concert in memory of Lublin's murdered Jews. Later that year, Rishon hosted a folklore group from this beautiful Polish city.

Heereveen - Small City in the Netherlands
A twinning agreement was signed between Rishon and small Dutch city of Heerenveen many years ago, but this has yet to be near future when delegations of athletes and school - children exchange visits.

Brasov - Mountain Resort City
When the mayor of Brasov in Romania began his search for a twin city in Israel, he looked for a Romanian connection. Israel's Foreign Ministry pointed him in Rishon's direction, because its mayor is of Romanian descent! Ever since, there has been close cooperation between Rishon's and Brasov's Contractors Associations, while Rishon's travel agents offer attractive tour packages to this Romanian mountain resort.

Essex Country, New Jersey
In 1999, the good relations between Rishon LeZion and Metro West's Jewish Federation, which involved a rehabilition project in “Ramat Eliyahu” (a Rishon neighborhood), led to Rishon's most recent twinning agreement with Essex County. Soon after, the County's governor visited Rishon LeZion in the company of the President of Jewish Federation. Today, Rishon LeZion and Essex County cooperate closely on sevsral community projects.

Tianjin - a Huge City in China
Many of Rishon's factories do business with China and the city's relationship with Tianjin has proven to be very fruitful. Aside from industrial connections, representatives of the Chinese city's agricultural office regularly study at Rishon's Vulcani Institute. A delegation of tourism officials from Tianjin visited Rishon and added the tours of Israel.