Women’s Network in Rishon LeZion

 Mayoral Advisor on the Status of Women: Ms. Iris Kagan-Hachmon
78 Ben Gurion Ave., Leaders’ Garden (Gan HaManhigim), Bnot Hayal Neighborhood
Tel: 03-9678220, 7446164, Fax: 03-9654105
Email: irisk@rishonlezion.muni.il

The struggle for equal rights for women in the Land of Israel actually began in Rishon LeZion in 1917, under the leadership of farmer-author Nehama Pohatchevsky. Rishon prides itself on its continued focus on women’s rights and empowerment throughout the years.

Municipal Women’s Center:

  •  Training and support for women in all stages of life
  • Rights and legal advice
  •  Women’s forum – courses and study days from the feminine perspective
  •  Leisure and enrichment activities for women 

We invite you to join the network, volunteer, seek advice, take action and impact the lives of other women. It’s in our hands.

To join, please contact the Office for the Advancement of Women’s Status:

Call 03-9682500 or write irisk@rishonlezion.muni.il