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Milestones in the history of Rishon LeZion

The Moshava period 1882-1922​

1882 - Rishon LeZion is established as an agricultural settlement (Moshava) on an area of 3,340 dunams. The members of the founding group are Zalman David Levontin and Yosef Feinberg. The Bilu'im (Palestine Pioneers) group joins the colony. 

1882 - The enlistment of the Baron Benjamin Edmond Rothschild, thanks to whom the area of the Moshava increased to 8,440 dunams, the agriculture developed and the winery was built.

1883 - "We found water" in the well – the Moshava founders manage to extract water and provide life to the Moshava | The first locally- made iron plow is created in Israel. 

1885 - The blue and white flag is hoisted.

1886 - Establishment of the first Hebrew school.

1887 - Visit of the Baron Benjamin Edmond Rothschild and his wife.

1889 - Building the winery structure | Construction of the Great Synagogue is completed.

1895 - The first Hebrew orchestra is established.

1897 - Inauguration of the first Hebrew Beit Ha'am (People's Home). 

1898 - Visit by Benjamin Ze'ev Herzl, who envisioned the establishment of the State of Israel | Construction of the water tower near the well | The first Hebrew kindergarten is established.

1915 - Annexation of 20,000 dunams of sandy land by the sea to the Moshava by the Ottoman rulers.

1918 - End of Ottoman rule in the country and the beginning of the British military government followed by the British Mandate.

1922 - The Moshava receives the status of a Local Council.

Local Authority  1882-1922

1924 - Census of residents.

1927 - The Council is connected to the electricity grid.

1932 - Establishment of the old industrial zone.

1939 - Establishment of the Reali Gymnasium.

1950 - Declared a city. At the time of the declaration, the city numbers 18,000 inhabitants.

1956 - For the first time a woman, Hanna Levine, is elected Mayor.

1995 - Rishon LeZion becomes Israel’s fourth largest city, with over 250,000 residents, spread over 60,000 dunams.

1999 - The Hall of Culture (Heichal HaTarbut) is inaugurated.

2000 - Rishon LeZion is a metropolis, with over 200,000 inhabitants.

2002 - Establishment of the "Meniv" Company – Rishon | Marking 120 years of the establishment of Rishon LeZion.

2003 - Annexation of 8,00 dunams to the city area | Inauguration of the "Rishonim" train station. 

2005 - Establishment of the municipal company for security and public order. 

2006 - City Hall moves to its new location.

2007 - Establishment of the "Leaders' Garden".

2008 - Establishment of Twin Cities' Park.

2011 - Opening of the "Moshe Dayan" train station.

2012 - Marking 130 years of Rishon LeZion.

2013 - Opening of Hebrew Kindergarten, Music Kindergarten and the Skatepark

2017 - Opening of the Agam Museum.

Currently Rishon LeZion is the fourth largest city in the country. In 2017 it exceeds 250,000 inhabitants, and covers an area of more than 61,000 dunams.