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Residential Arnona Discounts

​Residential Arnona discounts are given to the "holder/occupant" of the property. Those requesting a discount must register at the Population Registry (to be registered in their identity card/Teudat Zehut) as residents of Rishon LeZion.

You can check your eligibility for a personal discount on Arnona payments in the list of detailed discounts

Notes regarding discount eligibility

  • You can receive only a single type discount, the greater of the ones to which you are entitled.
  • No discount will be awarded to any additional holder/occupant of a property upon which a discount has already been given.
  • For those holding 2 properties - you can recive a discount for only one of your properties, the one the Population Registry shows as your residential address.
  • If you are found eligible for a discount, and you pay your Arnona bill in advance, or via a standing bank order, you may also enjoy an additional 1% discount provided for those paying in advance.
  • For those eligible for an Arnona discount - if any change has occurred in your personal or financial status, you must notify the municipality's Discount Unit.
  • Note, in case you have notified the municipality of such changes of status, the municipality reserves the right to retroactively cancel the discount as of the date of actual change in status, and will be entitled to charge the difference in rates accordingly.
  • The municipality is legally allowed to ask for additional documentation when checking your eligibility for an Arnona discount.
  • Applying for a discount does not exempt you from the duty to pay the full Arnona rate until a decision is made on the discount request.