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Municipal Service - 106 Call Center

​​The Rishon LeZion Municipality’s 106 Call Center was initiated in 1993 with the view of upgrading and improving municipal services provided to city residents in all sectors under the jurisdiction of the local municipality.

The Call Center serves as the central address for all public enquiries - requests, questions and complaints regarding various hazards. City residents' enquiries are then forwarded for processing by different municipality departments via various means of communication, phones, apps and other digital means. The Call Center then follows up on how these enquiries are handled to make sure they are answered as best possible. 

As part of its function, the Municipality Call Center coordinates command and control over all city systems, and functions as a center for information and municipal control during routine times, crises, and special events. Among other things, the center is responsible for the operation of emergency systems at about 600 institutions around the city, and oversees about 1,200 security cameras placed around the city. 

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​Ways to contact the 106 Call Center​​

​Phone Number: 106 over cellular phone or landline | 972-3-9542799 at the price of a regular landline call

WhatsApp enquiries regarding sanitation and cleaning management—cleaning, days for removing garden and tree clippings, street cleaning, removal of garbage containers, waste disposal and return of waste bins, clearing of central waste containers, removal of roadkill, and clearing of recycling bins. 

Municipality App: Download to Android | Download to iPhone

​​​Note: You can upload images via any media except via a regular phone call

Service at the 106 Call Center

The center is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Each month we receive at our Municipal Call Center over 40,000 enquiries, and we open more than 30,000 specific action requests.  

During 2017 there were more than 500,000 calls to the Center via all media, out of which about 390,000 were by phone calls. More than 350,000 specific action requests were opened. 

The 106 Call Center follows-up on all these specific action request untill the completion of their processing. 

Those making enquiries via all media are updated by SMS at the start and finish of the request processing.

Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

The Municipality has drafted an SLA for most of its subunits, according to which a maximum time has been set for finalizing the processing of any complaint or request received from a city resident, in order to provide the residents of Rishon LeZion with the best possible service.