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"SHILAT" (service for residents)

​​Neighbourhood leadership - "SHILAT" (service for residents)

The municipality of Rishon LeZion has set as its flagship vision to provide the utmost service for its residents, and views its employees as public emissaries. We undertake to treat each and every resident with fairness and dignity, and to strengthen the bond based on openess and personal treatment. 

We pledge to act honestly, transparently, and responsibly, to provide full, professional and appropriate answers to every enquiry, while maintaining discreteness. We are here for every query, and will provide courteous, quality, fair answers.

It is a privilege for us to serve the city’s residents and to carry out our mission successfully.

SHILAT - Service for west residents - Ramat-Eliyahu

"Beitenu" Club 23 Zalman Shneur St., Rishon LeZion | 03-9619524 | barochk@rishonlezion.muni.il​ | Baruch Kalbo

Neighborhoods: Ramat Eliyahu, Neve Yam, Neve Hof, Sha'ar HaYam, and West MBT 

SHILAT - Service to center residents

18 KKL St., Rishon LeZion | 03-9502994 | linoype@rishonlezion.muni.il​ | Linoy Peled

Neighborhoods: Abramovich, Nahlat Yehuda

SHILAT - Service for northeast residents 

39 Jerusalem St., Rishon LeZion | 03-9667738  | danac@rishonlezion.muni.il | Dana Gozlan

Neighborhoods:  Rambam, Revivim, Neve Zeev, Ganei Rishon, Kaliv, Neurim, KidmatRishon, MBT North, Merom Rishon.

SHILAT - Service for Krayot residents

5 Hanarkis St., Rishon LeZion | 03-9682371 | 03-9682372  | OritGB@rishonlezion.muni.il | Orit Gabay

Neighborhoods: Kiryat Rishon, Kramim, Neot Shikma, Neve Dekalim, Pras Nobel, Neot Ashalim, Kiryat Ganim, Kiryat Haleom

SHILAT - Service for Remez-Katznelson residents

4 Rozin St., Rishon LeZion | 03-9682327 | devorap@rishonlezion.muni.il | Devora Elmalem (Peretz)

Neighborhoods: Remez, Katznelson, Bnot Hayil, Neve Hillel