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Senior Citizens

​​Welfare services for ​senior citizens        

Rishon LeZion's senior population is quite varied, in terms of countries of origin, incomes, languages, lifestyles, leisure activity, health, and family status. 

Some live with their children, others with spouses, and there is a large population of single persons, some lacking the support of any family member. 

The services offered to the general population are also available to the city's senior residents, at all levels of functioning and personal status, and solutions are offered accordingly. 

Services for senior citizens in this city are operated by two bodies: the department for social activities, and the bureau for senior citizens.

​The department for social activities

In the last generation, there has been an increase in the life expectancy of healthy, independent, reasonably well-off senior citizens. Recognizing the importance of leisure activity and its contribution to improving the quality of life of senior citizens, the city has developed several programs to strengthen their social inclusiveness as well as varied leisure activites, for example:

  • ​Pensioners Clubs
  • Recreational culture activities for all independent retired persons within the community  
  • Cooperation with organizations of pensioners from workplaces in the city
  • Volunteer programs for retired persons in the community ("Pitgam")

Target population

  • Senior citizens aged 60 or over, independent and active, from around the city.
  • Senior citizens interested in social integration and participation in cultural and recreational activites.
  • Senior citizens interested in volunteering and contributing from their talent and experience to the community.

Services provided by the division

  • Operating social frameworks for independent senior citizens (Social Work Regulations #4.12) - operating 25 social frameworks for independent senior citizens. The activity within these frameworks enables social interactions and the development of significant bonds among the elderly, as well as between them and other (younger) groups, thus enriching the elderly's world in vari​ous meaningful spheres of interest. 
  • Developing social, cultural and voluntary programs for the independent senior citizens -  this work entails preparing plans for them within the community, representing the municipality on social and cultural matters for senior citizens, maintaining contact with various services, initiating, developing and maintaining social and cultural services while involving senior population in the process, and creating opportunites for them to volunteer in the community.

Senior Citizens Bureau

The Senior Citizens Welfare Bureau provides services for women aged 62 and over and men aged 67 and over. The bureau consists of social workers who give social aid to seniors and their families, to enhance their quality of life and enable them to continue living within the community. 

​Services offered by the bureau: 

  • Counselling, guidance and support for efficiently coping with the challenges of old age: intergenerational relations, crises, losses, changes in functional capacity and health, and more.
  • Personal and group social care for seniors and their families.
  • Assistance in achieving their rights, mediating and liaising seniors with suitable frameworks and services available within the community.  
  • Subsidising services and providing material aid to the needy according to rules set by the Welfare Ministry.
  • Protecting seniors at risk due to abuse or neglect.