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​​Emergency Guidlines

The municipal emergency system works in a coordinated and integrated manner, both during routine times and in times of crisis, with various bodies including government ministries, the IDF Home Front Command, the Israel Police, Magen David Adom (Israel's national emergency medical service), the Fire and Rescue Authority, and so forth. The municipal emergency system is run by the Security and Emergency Services Department, and is based on the company’s personnel, facilities, and the variety of means at its disposal to cater to the demands of the population in accordance with Emergency Economy Regulations.

To the map of the location of the city's bomb-shelters

Location of the city's bomb-shelters​

Emergency defense instructions

Emergency facilities

  • Public bomb shelters - Public shelters are located throughout the city for the purpose of providing shelter in cases of emergency for the city’s residents and visitors. List of public shelters in the city
  • Evacuee Centers - temporary housing for evacuated city residents, where essential aid will be provided to enable basic living until evacuees are offered replacement housing or until they return to permanent housing when possible.
  • Temporary shelters - to house homeless evacuees whose permanent homes were damaged in the emergency. These are short-term shelters for providing initial assistance before the transfer to placement centers, relatives or other places.
  • Casualty centers - Intake facilities serving as a reserve for accepting evacuees in national mass-casualty events. The centers are staffed by municipal workers, police, staff of the National Center of Forensic Medicine, disaster victim's identification response teams, and volunteers.
  • Stations for distribution and change of protective equipment (such as gas masques) - in emergency times such stations will be opened throughout the city for public use.
  • Emergency sirens – The emergency sirens in the city were set up and are maintained by the Home Front Command. The sirens throughout the city are meant to alerting the general public in times of emergency.

Links to emergency websites and phone n​​umbers

Home Front Command HFC phone number: 104 
Magen David Adom (medical emergency) phone number: 101

Fire and Rescue Authority phone number: 102

Israel Police phone number: 100

Municipal Service Call Center phone number: 106​

Municipality Emergency Services

  • Publication of information regarding emergencies
  • Preparing the municipal shelters 
  • Setting-up the municipal command and control center and its units
  • Providing important essential services for city residents
  • Receiving evacuees from the general population and finding temporary housing solutions for them
  • Psychological treatment as well as moral and tangible support to the individual and to the community  
  • Assuring water availability, in quantity and quality necessary for living
  • Providing essential waste management, health services, veterinary, and shelter services
  • Operating the educational system, on a footing to be determined by the Government. Operating various bodies and systems
  • Rebuilding damaged buildings and infrastructure and putting them back into use
  • Identification of casualties and their burial sites