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​​​The department handles insurance and claims by residents regarding bodily injuries and/or property damages in spheres that are under the municipality’s responsibility.

​Appeals on bodily injuries and/or prop​erty damage

In cases where the applicant believes he has incurred bodily injuries and/or property damages due to proven negligence by the authorities, one can apply to the municipality’s insurance department.

The application will be considered by the insurance department and when appropiate will also be forwarded to the municipality's insurance company.​

Procedure for appealing to the Insurance Department:

One can apply to the municipality’s insurance department via email and/or fax and/or regular mail, addressed to the municipality’s insurance department 

In every application, kindly specify the following details:

  • Date, hour and address of incident (street name and building number).
  • Detailed account of events.
  • Color photos of the alleged hazard (photos from up close and from a distance to enable recognition of where the incident took place).
  • Details for contacting the applicant (address and phone number).

In addition, kindly specify according to the type of incident:

  • In case of bodily harm: relevant medical documents.
  • In case of property damages: Repair price quotation, "Claim Non Submission" form from your insurance company or an affidavit that there is no insurance coverage for the said property.
  • In case of damage to a vehicle - vehicle license valid for the day of the incident
  • Please note that an appeal that does not include all of the aforementioned details and required documentation as specified, will not be processed.