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​Parking Permits

Rishon LeZion parking permits allow residents to park their cars free of charge in designated parking zones indicated by blue and white coloring and by white coloring, per their residency zone, in accordance with the instructions on street signs at the location. 

A parking permit is exclusive for the car whose number is specified on the permit and is non-transferable for use by any other car. 

The parking permit sticker is to be placed on the inside of the car's front glass, on the upper right corner (near the car-test sticker), where it will be visible.

Note that in case the parking permit sticker will be placed on a car's front glass of other than that the car specified on the sticker, this will lead to receiving a parking fine.

​Types of parking permits

  • Zone resident’s permit - parking permit relating to several permissible streets
  • Local resident’s permit - parking permit relating only to a single street specified on the permit's sticker. Meaning: Parking is permitted only on the street specified on the sticker.
  • Seniors parking permit (for city residents of over age 70) - free parking at blue and white marked spots only (not at a zone designated for residents only). Additionally, this parking permit grants 3 free hours of parking in the following municipal parking lots: ZD"L, Habanim, and College of Management.
  • Resident parking permit – A parking permit that allows free parking in arranged parking spaces (with blue and white coloring) throughout the city (in accordance with local signs, and not including central routes where parking will be limited to 2 free hours and in accordance with instructions specified on meters) and at beach parking lots.

​Procedure for issuing a parking permit

  • Via an online form at the municipal website - link to an online form for requesting purchase/renewal of parking permit
  • Once the parking permit is issued, you will receive notification by SMS and email to update you that the permit is approved and updated on the parking inspectors’ terminals, and that you are therefore entitled to exercise your rights throughout the city, even before the sticker is affixed to the windshield. Concurently, the parking permit sticker will be sent to your registered address via Israel Post, or you can go personally to the parking department at the offices of the Company for Security and Public Order.

Preconditions for receiving parking permits

  • Having a residential address in the city of Rishon LeZion, updated at Interior Ministry
  • Vehicle owner - the vehicle must be owned or exclusively used by a city's resident
  • Type of vehicle - vehicles eligible for parking permits are private vehicles or commercial vehicles weighing no more than 4 tons only.
  • Special parking permit for taxis - This permit can only be issued in person at the parking department at the offices of the Company for Security and Public Order 
  • Selling the vehicle by the owner or a dealer, and/or advertising the car for sale, nullifies the parking permit.
  • To have a new parking permit issued, one must go personally to the parking department at the offices of the Company for Security and Public Order or send a request via the online form at the municipality’s website.

Fee for requesting a parking permit

  • Each request for the issuance of a parking permit requires payment of NIS 5.
  • If the parking permit has not been issued for failing to comply with the terms, including in case of double application - the request fee will not be reimbursed.

Presenting the required documentation when applying for a ​parking permit

  • Photocopy of ID and its appendix (Sefach) specifying updated address in Rishon LeZion.
  • Photocopy of valid vehicle license with the name of the resident
  • Senior residents (aged 70 and over) – present a photocopy of a valid driving license

Documents required for obtaining a parking permit for residents that do not own the vehicle

​Type of vehicle/Type of ownership​​
Documents that must be presented​​
​Vehicles supplied by the workplace

Present a suitable document from your workplace that shows that the car is being used by the resident, for the purpose of receiving an exclusive permit, and that a fixed monthly payment in respect of usage of the vehicle is being deducted from his salary, or that a tax equivalent is being deducted.​

The suitable document from the workplace will be issued by the company’s accountant, bookkeeper, or vehicle officer, or IDF payment officer (when it is an army vehicle). Additionally, if the vehicle is owned by a private individual, you must present an affidavit signed by the workplace’s accountant only.

​​Vehicles rented from a rental company for a period of more than one month
​Present the rental agreement, with the resident's name, from the rental company
​Replacement vehicle from a garage
​Present a signed document from the manager of the garage indicating that the resident has been provided with a replacement vehicle in place of his permanent vehicle
​Residents with prior parking permits​​

Present the prior parking permit

If the vehicle is sold, there is a change of residence, the vehicle is returned to the workplace, a temporary parking permit is obtained, or a parking permit expires.

Please note: No new permit parking permit will be issued until old permit is returned.​

​Parent-owned vehicle in use by children
​Present a legal affidavit attested by a lawyer or a court registrar, that includes a declaration that the vehicle is exclusively being used by the children.
​Car owned by a minor
​Present a legal affidavit attested by a lawyer or a court registrar, that includes a declaration that the car is exclusively being used by the parent or the child's legal guardian.