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​​​​​​Public transportation in the city 

The Transportation Ministry is responsible for operating public transit in the city of Rishon LeZion via dedicated public transit companies, as well as for the setting of routes and schedules.

Information on routes, schedules, and fares for all public transit companies is available on the Public Transit Information Center’s website >​

​Bus line companies



Phone Number: *2800



Phone Numbers: 972-3-6394444 or *3456



Phone Number: *8787



Phone Number: 1-700-700-181



Phone Number: *5900


Taxi stations

City taxis and special taxi stations

​Israel Railways Israel Railways stations

2 railway stations: "Rishonim" station in the east side of the city, and "Moshe Dayan" station in the west side of the city.

In coming years, there is a plan to build a railway track along road 431 to connect the "Rishonim" and "Moshe Dayan" stations, including increase in frequency and adding a direct connection to the train line to Jerusalem.

 Israel Railways Website >

​Public transport lanes Dedicated public transport routes

Public transport lanes (PTL) exist on the following streets:

Herzl Boulevard, Derech Hamaccabim, Rothschild Street, Moshe Dayan Boulevard. 

"Speedy to the City" ("Mahir La'ir") Project

The Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety is adding dedicated public transport routes in collaboration with the "Netivey Ayalon” company. Work on the project will commence during 2019 at following locations: New Central Bus Station, Golda Meir Street, HaHistadrut Boulevard, HaTekuma Boulevard, Avraham Bar Street, and Shaike Dan Street.